About Us

Invest in Zambia is dedicated to helping local and foreign investors succeed in Zambia. The incentives to invest in Zambia’s growing economy are appealing to many individuals and companies. However, navigating the overabundance of information on investment opportunities and procedures can be nothing short of overwhelming.

Our consultants are here to help you with that process, from start to finish. Whether you are interested in learning more about agricultural development opportunities or you are looking to incorporate your sustainable tourism business, we are available to assist you and ensure that your projects are economically sustainable, socially responsible and successful.

The combined experience of our team will give you specialized knowledge in a variety of areas, and we promise to get you the fullest incentives possible for your company under the Zambia Development Agency Act. You probably have many questions as you begin to explore the possibilities of investing in Zambia. It is our mission to answer those questions and others that you have not even thought of yet

We are excited that you are considering investing in Zambia.