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Zambia Budget 2014

Please find below a link to download Zambia’s 2014 budget.

Zambia Budget 2014

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Existing campsite seeks investors

An existing campsite, located only 50km from Lusaka, seeks investors to expand its business. Located on the water, this campsite offers opportunities for boating and and water sports, as well as a braii area, hiking, and sports activities. For more information, contact

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Investors sought for truck stop in Zambia

Investors are sought for a truck stop project in Zambia. Located at the intersection of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia, this all-in-one rest stop and truck stop promises to be a great addition to a very busy transport area. The project’s directors seek financial investment, as well as a management partner. For more details, contact

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Local Investor Seeks Property on Addis Ababa Road, Lusaka

A local investor seeks property on Addis Ababa Road, Lusaka. This established resident is ready to purchase a suitable property immediately. If you have a property available, please contact us at

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Zambian Charter Airline Seeks Investor

An established Zambian charter airline seeks an investor. Owners are willing to consider an investment or either aircraft or funds to buy additional aircraft. For more information contact

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Land Sought on Great East Road, Lusaka

Established Zambian company seeks land on Great East Road in Lusaka to further develop their business. Land must have road frontage and can either be developed or undeveloped. Please email if you have land available.

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New Partners: Abacus360

Invest in Zambia is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Abacus360, chartered accountants and management consultants. Lusaka based, Abacus360’s team brings in over 20 years of international experience in assisting clients with financial reporting, outsourcing, consulting, and recruiting.

We at Invest in Zambia are as always committed to bringing you the best quality consultants in all relevant fields to help you with your investment in Zambia. We are pleased to add the great team at Abacus360 to this list.

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Seeking Property Development Opportunities in Zambia

Invest in Zambia is now seeking property development opportunities in Zambia. We seek residential, commercial, and industrial development projects, for a number of serious international investors. Let us find you a partner for your property development project. Email us at

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Partner Wanted for Successful Zambian Construction Company

A successful roofing construction company is looking for a equity partner to expand its business. In business for over twenty years, this manufacturing and construction company is looking to move into the manufacture of sustainable roofing sheets. Several equity options available. For more information contact

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Residential Property Development Opportunities Available

Residential property development opportunities available on game properties in Zambia. High value housing estates. For more information email or call +260963402670.

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